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Dental implants, changing lives!

Patients lose teeth because of tooth decay or an accident, but that does not have to mean a lifetime of bridges or dentures. At The Garden Dental Practice we have helped many patients to overcome a lost tooth or teeth with a stable and attractive solution. This procedure has been perfected since its invention in the 1950s and is rapidly becoming the treatment of choice for lost teeth. Our team pride themselves on the number of patients that they have helped to return to normal chewing habits because of dental implants Golders Green.

Learning from Mother Nature

Your teeth are naturally anchored to your jawbone by a root. It therefore makes sense to replace a lost tooth by mimicking the way your teeth naturally operate. Technology and science have colluded to invent equipment that has evolved the treatment, allowing us to perform dental procedures that are efficient and very productive. This procedure provides a solid base for your new crown to rest on, allowing you to eat food in the same way as with your natural teeth.

A thorough examination

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for dental implants Golders Green, but the advances made over the decades is making it possible to treat more and more patients. As with all dental procedures we first conduct a thorough examination of your oral cavity. We use the latest X-ray and CT scanners to get a complete view of the inside of your mouth including your jawbone. Your jawbone is particularly important because that is where the titanium post which acts as the root has to be located. In some cases you may require some bone augmentation which has also seen some amazing progress over the years. We will discuss everything with you and make sure that you know and understand every stage of the procedure.

Placement and restoration

Once we are happy that you are ready for the procedure and you have made your final decision to proceed, we will design a treatment plan. You may even be suitable for your teeth in a day procedure, if you are you can have your new teeth in one day. Depending on your condition you may require one or more dental implants Golders Green. We use a computer assisted system and guide to ensure that the artificial root is placed in exactly the correct position. Once the titanium post is in place you will be required to recover over a three to six months recovery period, to allow your gum to heal and your bone to fuse with the titanium post. Once the healing period has elapsed we will fit an abutment to hold your crown, which will be coloured and shaped to match your surrounding teeth. We are able to fit from one to four implants in a row and a full set of teeth placed on just four implants.

Care and maintenance

For the first few weeks you will need to be careful and avoid eating hard foods or sweets, but as time progresses you will be able to eat and drink normally. You can brush and floss your natural teeth and implants normally and good dental maintenance will ensure the longevity of your implants and your natural teeth.

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