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Dental implants and all you need to know about aftercare

If you’ve taken the plunge and opted for dental implants or even if you’ve just been thinking about them, then one question on your mind might be about the recovery and how long or difficult it is. Recovery is always a tricky topic to cover as it often comes down to the individual and their own body, but we at The Garden Dental Practice want patients to have as much information as possible. With that in mind we have put together a plan showing recovery stages and things you can do to help yourself, during your dental implants Golders Green aftercare.

What are dental implants?

To kick things off we’re going to cover what dental implants Golders Green are and how best they can serve you. Dental implants Golders Green are a world-leading form of tooth replacement that has seriously taken off in the last fifteen years or so. They are unlike any other form of tooth replacement as they are able to stimulate bone regeneration and have the potential to last a patient's lifetime.

They are for the most part made from titanium, a substance found to naturally occur in the body, this is so that the body is less likely to reject them.

Bone grafting

For people entering into dental implants they may or may not be aware that it’s very common for patients to need a bone graft prior to the fitting of the anchor. This is because often the reason people lose teeth is because they have experienced a deterioration of bone in the jaw. This can happen for a whole range of reasons, but usually comes down to decay or gum disease.

A bone graft can sound rather intimidating, but the procedure is far more simple than you might think. In the vast majority of cases we take bone from a different area of the body and place it where the bone is lost. In some cases bone from another animal might be used, but this is less common.

Patients will need to be fully recovered from this before they have the anchor of the implant fitted.

Aiding recovery

There are three stages of recovery during the fitting of implants. The first after a bone graft (if it was required), the second after the anchor is fitted and third after the crown is fitted. With each of these stages comes its own challenges, but generally speaking if you stick to the following guidelines you should be fine.

Leave the area alone

Whenever we have surgery or pain, the temptation to look, touch or fiddle with the area is overwhelming, however the more you touch the more you’ll aggravate it and be more likely to suffer infection or general soreness.

Take it easy

Just because you might well feel like running a marathon doesn’t mean you should. The slower you take it and the kinder you are to yourself the quicker your recovery will be completed.

Avoid altering environments

What do we mean by this? Well, saunas, steam baths and sun beds are all environments that differ in some extreme to the normal and this has an effect on our bodies. Avoid these where possible for a time.

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