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Could you restore your smile through dental implants in Golders Green?

Helping you to help yourself

At The Garden Dental Practice, our commitment lies entirely in ensuring our patients receive the absolute best care possible, and that their dental dreams are met and surpassed. One of the most positive impactful procedures which we are proud to offer our patients, are dental implants in Golders Green. These are the result of a dental procedure which has been refined for centuries, evolving with modern developments in science and technology to become the excellent prostheses that we offer today. Dental implants in Golders Green are one of the best ways of permanently restoring a patient's smile if they have lost a tooth. We encourage anyone who is out there and living daily with a missing tooth to seek out dental implant treatment from us here at The Garden Dental Practice, to ensure that they receive the highest possible degree of care and professionalism in their treatment.

Who is eligible for dental implant treatment?

Whether you have only just recently lost a tooth, due to dental trauma of some kind, or you have been living with a missing tooth for some time - dental implants in Golders Green are the best solution to permanently and comfortably restore your smile. Having visible gaps within a person's smile can often have negative implications on their social lives and how others view them. This, in turn, can often lead to a person's mental wellbeing being impacted. However, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and dental science, it is now possible to completely restore a missing tooth - or teeth - in such a way that they feel and look identical to natural teeth. Anyone who has lost a tooth, however recently, ought to visit us at The Garden Dental Practice to review their options. An initial assessment will have to be made of the patient's existing dental health, to ensure that nothing may stand in the way of the implant treatment - such as periodontal disease ( gum disease).

The implant process

Providing that the patient is dentally fit enough for us to carry out the treatment, and feels that they are happy enough with the basics of the implant procedure then treatment will begin. Prior to undergoing any dental treatment from us here at The Garden Dental Practice, patients must first undergo an initial, friendly consultation with one of our experts. This helps us fill in the patient about the various procedures we offer and how we can help them. The process of receiving dental implants consists of a small dental operation, in which a titanium-alloy metal tooth root is embedded inside the bone of the patient's jaw. Titanium has unique properties and can bond itself with human bone tissue, and this being the case, the false tooth root and the patient's jawbone fuse together, which creates a permanently fixed anchor point. Into this anchor point, a replica tooth, which is typically constructed of porcelain or plastic, is then fixed in place. As it is permanently fixed in place within the bone structure of the patient - unlike other treatments which just sit on the patient's gums - a dental implant feels exactly as a natural tooth would, and affords patients all the luxuries that a full set of teeth brings.

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