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Convenient teeth straightening with Invisalign in Golders Green

Getting your teeth straightened doesn’t have to be an embarrassment and a hassle. Here at The Garden Dental Practice, we use Invisalign in Golders Green to straighten out mild to moderate alignment issues with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience.

Invisalign is different from other teeth straightening systems because it uses very thin, smooth aligners, which look like a cross between a second skin and a mouth guard, to do the job traditionally performed by bracket and wire braces.

You receive a series of aligners. You work your way through the series, wearing each one for 7-10 days. During this time, the precisely placed ridges inside the aligners will press on the teeth. It is this sustained pressure that will cause the jawbone to dissolve and rebuild itself to relieve the pressure. The average treatment length is a year, during which time you will need to come in for checks and to pick up your next set of aligners every 4-6 weeks.

These aligners have 2 popular advantages: they come out and they are almost undetectable.

Who’s wearing Invisalign in Golders Green?

Who knows. It’s hard to see if anyone is because the aligners are as good as invisible when they are on your teeth. You may have had lengthy conversations with someone wearing Invisalign and been none the wiser.

Being able to go through straightening treatment with complete discretion is important for adult patients. Many of our patients hold down important jobs for which they need to look well presented. Others need to be able to give off an air of authority, which metal braces detract from.

With Invisalign you can get on with your life without being stared at or having to fend off intrusive questions.

Mealtimes with Invisalign in Golders Green

Eating with braces on can be a real faff. With Invisalign, there’s no faff. You just remove the aligners and store them in their carry case, eat your food, brush your teeth and put the aligners back in again.

You need to wear your aligners for around 22 hours a day in order to keep on schedule with your treatment.

Want to find out more? Why not come into The Garden Dental Practice for a consultation?

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