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Brace yourself: everything you should know about invisible braces

Before the millennium, a marginal percentage of people wearing braces were adults. These days, that figure has more than doubled to 50 per cent. Young adults, in general, are more open to the idea because the world of orthodontics is changing. In the past, awkward teenagers with acne wore braces who described the experience as having "metal train tracks" glued to your teeth.

The look was not considered very cool but an acceptable rite of passage for children, not so much for young professionals starting or furthering their careers.

Luckily, with the passing of time, the designs of orthodontic devices have evolved - they are smaller, more discreet and a more overall comfortable experience for the wearer.

Today, our team at The Garden Dental team looks at Invisalign in Golders Green and why they could be the best treatment programme for you and your needs.

Why Invisalign over other treatments in the market

Metal braces are smaller, better fitting and far more discreet in appearance than they were previously, but the fact remains that metal is affixed to the front of your teeth and will stay there for a maximum of two years. This dissuades many from pursuing teeth correction.

We bet you are looking for a straightening aid that is practically invisible if you are self-conscious and shy, a device you can wear with others being none the wiser while correcting your misaligned teeth and overbite.

Invisalign in Golders Green fits the profile for the above. Invisalign is not what you picture when you envisage "braces". For one, no metal is used, not one piece, but rather clear plastic aligners that hug your teeth and gums. These pieces of plastic, while seemingly insignificant in their appearance, are custom made using state of the art technology, to produce high quality aligner trays that perfectly fit inside your mouth.

What does this mean? You can sport the device while you work and socialise. Their transparent appearance means no one will know you are wearing them.

Removing them is easy - they are not permanent fixtures - simply slip them out of your mouth when you intend to eat or brush your teeth. Aligner trays are not built like mouthguards, so if you play contact sports, take them out beforehand to avoid breaking them as a consequence of hard impact.

How do they work?

We will give you multiple aligner trays. Replace one with another slightly differently shaped set every one to two weeks.

This action of changing the trays forces the teeth to move. In time, your teeth will reach their final, desired position.

Do not miss your appointments with us

We know you are busy, but it is crucial that you see us every four to six weeks. Using our digital mapping system, we can monitor your progress and assess whether your teeth are moving in the way we expect.

Seeing these improvements, however slight, will motivate you to carry on with treatment if you have become disheartened over whether it is working - it is, but very slowly and gradually.

Transform your mouth using groundbreaking technology with Invisalign at Golders Green.

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