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Ask your Dentist in Golders Green About Combining Invisalign with Dental Implants

Having an implanted tooth is one of the most popular permanent ways to correct damaged or lost teeth. But, sometimes having one part of your teeth fixed can highlight other issues like misaligned or crooked molars that you might not have realised you had.

That’s why we recommend combining Invisalign treatments with implants. Why not ask your dentist at the Garden Dental Practice about trying out Invisalign if you are thinking of having any future implantation procedures, to help improve your winning smile.

How are they combined?

Although combining two dental procedures at once may seem complicated, it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is wear a custom fitted brace before your initial visit for dental Implants in Golders Green that way when the new false tooth is fitted, the rest of the jaw line matches up perfectly.

It’s really that simple.

The benefits of combining them

One of the biggest benefits of combining an Invisalign brace with dental implants in Golders Green is that it ensures your teeth will look exactly how you want them to. Since implants are permanent there’s a little leeway in how they will sit in your mouth before fitting. This in turn allows you to customise your smile to an extent with the braces that will slowly adjust the surrounding teeth to their desired position.

How long will it take?

If you do plan on trying out this combination to smarten up those pearly whites, just be aware that it could be a lengthy process. The braces can take up to 13 months to reorganise your teeth, but your dentist will normally let you know beforehand how long you will be wearing them for.

Whilst on the other hand the dental implants in Golders Green procedure can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours depending on how many teeth are being fitted or removed during the treatment.

Although, we do recommend you opt for the braces first before the latter as the implants are permanently anchored in their final spots in your jawbone, so there’s no moving them again once they’re fitted. If you do this process reversed it could take longer to achieve the finished result or the braces might not fit at all.

However, in some cases a brace might not even have to be fitted over the teeth that are being altered

Again, your dentist will normally advise the correct route to go in each individual case to make sure you’re getting your best smile to show off at the end as your reward. Combining these two treatments is also a regular practice, as implanted teeth are often used as anchors during other procedures involving realigning teeth.

These are just a few of the unique benefits to combining a corrective brace with an implanted tooth. If you’re interested in fixing your smile or making those misaligned molars look their best, then why not ask your dentist about these treatments on your next appointment at the practice.

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