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Are you unhappy with your smile?

If you find it hard to smile when taking a photograph, as you are worried about whether people will notice your teeth, why not visit us at The Garden Dental Practice? We offer several dental services to help improve our patients’ teeth.

Maybe you’ve had an accident, which has resulted in a missing tooth. Or you might have unfortunately lost some teeth under natural circumstances. If any of these scenarios apply to you, receiving dental implants in Golders Green may be what you are looking for. It is a safe and clinically proven solution which aids in getting your smile back to its best. If you do have a missing tooth, it is recommended that you seek treatment as soon as possible, not only for aesthetic purposes, but to avoid neighbouring teeth leaning into the gap. There is also an increased risk of decay and gum disease as food can also get trapped in the gap.

So if you are considering improving your smile, investing in dental implants in Golders Green could be your next step to achieving the smile you want.

The benefits of dental implants in Golders Green

This treatment is known to stimulate the remaining bone and blood vessels to grow around the metal post, meaning you are less likely to experience any bone loss. You will experience improved comfort and oral health and notice that your new teeth not only look more natural than the traditional dentures, but will last up to many years if you maintain a good oral hygiene routine.

What does this treatment consist of?

In order to replace a tooth, you will need to have a minor surgical procedure. We ensure the procedure is carried out under strict sterile conditions to reduce the risk of infection, and many patients have teeth replaced under local anaesthetic. There is also an option for you to be placed under conscious sedation. The method is considered low level for pain both during and after the operation. If you do however experience any pain after the procedure, over-the-counter painkillers are recommended. For the procedure, a metal post or frame is surgically positioned into your jawbone, which will allow your dentist to mount replacement teeth onto the post.

It is recommended for our patients to have healthy gums and enough bone before starting the treatment in order to support the metal post and replacement tooth. The post is able to provide stable support for artificial teeth as the implants are fused onto the jawbone during the procedure. This means that it will be highly unlikely for the new teeth to shift for example whilst you are eating.

A long lasting treatment

In order to ensure that your new teeth last, we recommend some tips that we encourage our patients to follow.

Flossing is recommended daily and frequent trips to the dentist can help ensure the implant stays in good condition. We also advise our patients to avoid chewing on hard foods such as hard boiled sweets as it can potentially weaken the bone structure, and also to avoid smoking.

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