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Advantages of dental implants

Dental implants Golders Green are an increasingly popular choice for those who wish to replace lost or missing teeth. They are considered much superior to opting for more traditional false teeth that are removable and offer a wide range of benefits for the patient. Here at The Garden Dental Practice, we offer implantation for improving your smile which gives great results with minimal inconvenience or discomfort.

What is an implant?

Dental implants Golders Green are designed to replace the root of the tooth. They are made from titanium, a material that is very compatible with human tissues and that can last a very long time. The implant is placed into the jawbone of the patient before being accompanied by a false tooth attached on top after a few months of healing.

Looks real

Our patients are often delighted to discover that dental implants Golders Green give a totally natural look. Unlike more traditional false teeth of years gone by, the new tooth is placed right on the gum line thanks to the implant. This means that it is not obvious to anyone which are the original teeth and which are new replacements.

Can stop bone loss

When a person has a missing tooth or teeth, the bone around the area deteriorates over time. Having a new titanium root implanted into that area strengthens the bone and helps to keep it healthy.

In addition, maintaining the health of the jawbone in this way helps to prevent the patient from ageing prematurely. This is because lost teeth and deteriorating bone where the root once was can have a huge impact on the structure of a person’s face. The result of this is often that they look considerably older than their years. Having an implant fitted ensures that the facial structure remains the same and the patient can maintain their youthful looks for longer.

A long-term solution

Provided the implant and new tooth are looked after well, they can prove to be just as durable as natural teeth. This means they can last for years to come, a lifetime in many cases.

Eat as normal

One of the biggest issues that can affect the quality of life of a person who has false teeth that are not fixed with implants, is their instability. This means that they have to be careful about what they eat, and sometimes have to avoid certain foods for fear of embarrassment or dislodging the tooth or teeth entirely. When an artificial tooth is fixed permanently with an implant, the patient can treat it as a normal tooth. This means that they don’t have to avoid any foods and can eat whatever they fancy.

Socialise with ease

Because false teeth secured with an implant behave as natural teeth do, the patient can interact with others without having to worry about feeling self-conscious. Artificial teeth that are not fixed with an implant can move when a person is smiling, talking or laughing. This can have a very detrimental effect on their confidence and may even stop them from mixing with others. Implants are the ideal solution for this issue.

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