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A guide to dental implants

People who are considering dental implants Golders Green may have questions about how they work and what to expect. Here at The Garden Dental Practice, we are happy to guide our patients through the process so that they can have the best possible treatment with the minimum of fuss. Anyone who has had false teeth that have not been supported by dental implants will know that there are various issues associated with this. Having a meal, sneezing or even laughing can be problematic when a person has false teeth that are not properly secured. This can have a significant impact on self-confidence which can affect all areas of a person’s life, including socialising and their career.

Dental implants Golders Green have transformed the experience of having false teeth. In most cases, they are not detectable by others at all and can be transformative in terms of how a person feels about their appearance.

How do the implants work?

Implants replace the root of a tooth, providing a solid foundation onto which false teeth can be placed. They are composed of titanium, which is a highly durable material that is very compatible with human tissues. This means that an implant lasts for many years and will not be rejected by the human body. It becomes an integral part of the jawbone over time, allowing the patient to eat, laugh and smile with confidence and ease.

What is the process?

Anyone who is considering dental implants Golders Green should make an appointment with us to have an initial assessment. The first step will involve a thorough examination of their teeth and gums in order to check that the patient is a suitable candidate for treatment. We then take X-rays so that we can get a full picture of the entire mouth: this allows us to carefully plan and tailor the treatment to the individual patient.

We will also discuss the health of the patient in general and ask about any medications that are currently being prescribed. We will then explain what is going to happen regarding the implants, going through the process step by step and answering any questions along the way.

If it is ascertained this treatment is the right one for the patient we will then remove the tooth or teeth that are damaged, if they haven’t fallen out already. The jawbone is then prepared for the implant, which may involve some bone grafting. This is very much dependent on the health of the jawbone before commencing treatment.

The second stage involves placing the titanium root into the jawbone. Once this procedure has taken place, the patient must then wait for a few months for the site to heal before they can receive their permanent false tooth. However, patients can usually use a temporary denture during this period for the sake of a better cosmetic effect.

A choice that could change a person’s life

Anyone who has had a missing tooth or teeth will know the devastating impact that this can have on a person’s self-image and ability to present themselves as confident. Having this resolved by getting implants can be life changing in this respect, so it is well worth contacting us to get the process started.

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