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5 reasons to try Invisalign in Golders Green with Garden Dental Practice

It is quite rare to be gifted with a perfectly straight smile. Many people in today’s society feel confident with their unique smiles and, as long as their teeth are healthy, they see no reason to undertake any cosmetic dental work.

While we applaud such people for their confidence, there are a few situations where anything less than a perfect appearance can cause issues; if you have to give a lot of professional talks for example, you may feel self-conscious about those in the audience looking at your teeth. No one wants to feel self-conscious right in the middle of an important presentation!

At Garden Dental practice we can help. We are proud to offer our patients the world famous Invisalign in Golders Green, which will straighten your teeth without causing inconvenience.

What are the other benefits of choosing Invisalign in Golders Green? Read on to find out!


Nobody likes discomfort, especially when it comes to their teeth. This invisible brace offers a comfortable way to straighten your teeth while sitting snugly over your teeth.

Due to its customised fit, it will hug your teeth perfectly while using opposing coils to gently move them into their new position. As it is made from a malleable, clear plastic, there are no protruding wires or brackets, meaning it is comfortable enough to sleep in.

Easy maintenance

No need to buy expensive cleaners or invest in small mirrors to check that this brace is functioning and undamaged!

As it is removable, you can easily check for any damage, imperfections or staining - while only requiring a soft brush and water to keep it clean; very time saving and convenient.

Improved oral hygiene

With fitted braces, it can be hard to maintain a high level of dental hygiene, due to having the brackets and wires over the fronts or backs of your teeth.

As this invisible brace is removable, you can simply take it out, brush and floss your teeth and then pop it back in again. It is also easier for your dentist to perform check-ups, as no areas of your teeth are hidden underneath metal brackets.

Lifestyle friendly

The removable aspect of this brace makes it incredibly easy to adapt it into your everyday life. You can eat whatever foods you want to without worrying about causing damage and you can even wear it during high contact sports if you need to.

You can alternate the hours during which you wear it each day, perfect if you don’t want to wear it during a big speech or at work.


One of the reasons this aligner is so popular is because it is practically invisible.

You can wear it every day and many of your friends and family will be none the wiser that you are undertaking orthodontic treatment! It will be your and your dentist’s little secret!

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