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Welcome to Garden Dental

Give Your Smile a Chance Beyond Your Imagination

Our Dental Team

Principal Dentist

GDC No. 82959

Dr Sanaz H.P. Tehrani

Principal Dentist

GDC No. 84955

Dr Hani Alias Sulaiman

Associate Dentist

GDC No. 72656

Why Choose Us

Selecting the right dentist takes time and effort.

We get chosen because we're passionate about what we do. 97% positive feedback from our patients shows we know what we are doing and we are good at it.

Our dentists are trained in specific cosmetic dentistry and implant procedures. Cosmetic dentistry has seen improvements and advancements over the years...

What our Patients Say

"I have been seeing Dr. Negahban to complete my dental implant. What a great dentist! He is very good at explaining in detail what is needed. I was very happy with the great service I received and found that in all my 10 years living in the UK that he was defiantly one of the best I have seen."

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