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Fee Guide

Initial examination & consultation including two small radiographs, check for mouth cancer, TMJ, gum health, soft and hard tissue examination and treatment plan From £85.00
Routine exam From £40.00
OPG From £50.00
Small Radiograph From £15.00
Deep Scale From £50.00
Gum treatment(incl. local Antibiotic Application  ) From £495.00
Air Flow From £80.00
Cosmetic Consultation/Photos From £95.00
Study models From £50.00
Waxed up models (per tooth) From £30.00
Tooth Whitening
Power - in surgery From £499.00
Home kit From £299.00
Veneers (Exclusive Quality) From £495.00
Gum recontouring From £20.00
Onlays and Inlays
Porcelain Onlay (Empress, Sculpture, Concept HP) From £395.00
Composite Onlay From £325.00
Gold Onlay From £395.00
All Ceramic/Metal Free (Empress, Procera, Cercon) From £650.00
Full Gold From £450.00
Porcelain Bonded From £450.00
Re-cement Crown From £55.00
3 Unit Porcelain Bonded From £1,200.00
All Ceramic/Metal Free per unit From £650.00
Additional units From £300.00
Restorations and Fillings
Small tooth coloured From £95.00
Medium tooth coloured From £125.00
Large tooth coloured From £165.00
Small grey metal From £59.00
Large grey metal From £65.00

When you visit us for the first time you can expect to receive a full consultation with one of our dentists. This will include a thorough examination with X-Rays, which we will take to help us form an accurate diagnosis. Should you have any questions at all regarding your treatment plan, our team members will be more than happy to answer any queries or concerns you may have. A guide to our fees can be found below.

The pricing below covers our standard treatments, please contact us for further information if there is anything that is unclear or you feel that you would like to discuss your proposed treatment prior to proceeding.

Consultation Only £95.00
Incisors and Canines   £345.00
Premolars   £500.00
Molars   £600.00
Endodontic Microsurgery From POA  
Re-treatment POA  
Post Removal   £100.00
Oral Sedation (per visit) £250.00

These prices include a temporary protective cover that will have an average life span of a few months. Usually it will be the responsibility of your own dentist to provide an appropriate permanent filling or crown following the early stages of healing.

Following consultation and treatment, a full report along with your X-Rays will be made available for you and your dentist. In the interest of efficiency and clarity please note that following each appointment payment is expected.

Please be aware that appointments missed or cancelled without 24 hours notice will be charged at a rate proportionate to the length of the missed appointment.

Simple extraction - per tooth From £69.00
Surgical Extraction – per tooth From £185.00
Apicectomies and complex extractions are referred to Specialists POA  
Full acrylic denture (upper or lower) From £450.00
Full acrylic denture (upper and lower) From £900.00
Partial acrylic denture   £300.00
Monomer-Free Thermoplastic Partial Denture (Valplast) From £695.00
Metal Based Denture From £695.00
Precision or attachment Denture From POA
Addition to acrylic denture From £65.00
Reline to denture From £90.00
Repairs to dentures From £45.00
Tooth coloured clasp From £60.00
Fissure sealants - per tooth From £30.00
Fluoride application From £20.00
Mouthguard – clear From £145.00
Mouthguard – one colour From £145.00
Mouthguard – multi colour From £165.00
Night guard – (soft/hard) From £145.00
1/2 Hour £50.00
Implants consultation (incl. radiographs) From £85.00
Implants (Straumann) incl. abutment and crown From £2,000.00
Sinus lift and Bone augmentation  POA  
Crown lengthening POA  
Facial Rejuvenation (Botulinum Toxin)
Forehead From £120.00
Glabella From £140.00
"Crow Feet" From £140.00
Forehead, Glabella and "Crow Feet" From £350.00
Eyebrow lifting From £150.00

How much will I pay for NHS dental treatment?

If you normally pay for NHS dental treatment, the amount you pay depends on what treatment you need.

Some people do not have to pay for NHS dental treatment – see who is entitled to free NHS dental treatment in England?

NHS dental charges

There are three NHS charge bands.

Band 1: includes an examination, diagnosis and advice. If necessary, it also includes X-rays, a scale and polish and planning for further treatment.
Band 2: includes all treatment covered by Band 1, plus additional treatment, such as fillings, root canal treatment and removing teeth (extractions).
Band 3: includes all treatment covered by Bands 1 and 2, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns, dentures and bridges.

For more information, see what is included in each NHS dental band charge?

What if I need more treatment?

If, within two months of completing a course of treatment, you need more treatment from the same charge band or a lower one, for example another filling, you don't have to pay anything extra. However, after two months, you will have to pay an additional band charge.

Emergency or urgent treatment

If you require urgent care, you will only need to pay one Band 1 charge of . Most urgent treatments can be done in one appointment. However, if more than one visit is required and you return to the same dentist to complete your urgent treatment, the Band 1 urgent charge is all that you should pay.

Once your urgent course of treatment is complete, you may be advised to make another appointment for a separate course of non-urgent treatment. In this case, the relevant Band charge will apply.

When you don't have to pay

You don't have to pay a dental charge:

  • For denture repairs
  • To have stitches removed
  • If your dentist has to stop blood loss
  • If your dentist only has to write out a prescription - however, if you pay for prescriptions, you'll have to pay the usual prescription charge of £7.85 when you collect your medicines

Personal dental treatment plan

Your dentist should give you a personal treatment plan before you have Band 2 or 3 treatments. The plan gives details of the treatment and the amount you'll have to pay. You'll be asked to read and sign the plan.

If you've discussed having private treatment with your dentist, the details and costs of this treatment will be listed separately on your treatment plan.

Before having dental treatment, talk to your dentist about the benefits of treatment and any risks involved.

Paying for treatment

Your dentist is entitled to ask for your payment at any stage of your treatment. As payment policies vary between practices, ask your dentist about when you will have to pay.

Referral to another dentist

If you're referred to another dentist to complete the treatment, you will still only pay one band charge.

You will pay the full amount to the dentist who refers you.

If you're referred to a private dentist (and you accept this option) you will:

  • Pay the appropriate NHS band charge to the dentist who referred you, and
  • Pay a fee for the dental work carried out by the private dentist you are referred to Read the answers to more questions about dental health.
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